SatMeet4 - Habitable planets, M dwarfs and NIR spectrographs
José Caballero  1, *@  , Mahadevan Suvrath  2@  , Ravi Kopparapu  3@  
1 : Centro de Astrobiología  (CAB)  -  Website
2 : The Pennsylvania State University  (Penn State)  -  Website
525 Davey Lab, University Park, PA-16802 -  United States
3 : Pennsylvania State University
* : Corresponding author

Our three-day satellite meeting matches the main objective of the conference, which is “phasing” astrophysicists, planetary scientists and instrument scientists (and biologist) for the search and characterisation of habitable planets. Our satellite meeting on "habitable planets, M dwarfs and near-infrared spectrographs" will cover all the topics that go from tidal locking and atmosphere circulation models, through M-dwarf activity, planet atmosphere chemistry and biosignatures, to a comprehensive review of all big precise radial-velocity projects in the near-infrared. For these reviews, we will count with some of the major experts in their respective topics. The first half of the three-day satellite meeting will focus on the scientific areas, while the second half will do on the technological ones. Special emphasis will also be given to the latest developments in wavelength calibration in the near-infrared. Our meeting will be held on the first day in conjunction with the complementary satellite meeting "Validation and compilation of Keplerhabitable zone candidates".

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