Logistics & Accommodations

Registration and fees :

  • Late registration is still possible. The registration fee is 350chf, to be paid with a VISA or MasterCard credit card.
  • Participants who have received a waiver code can use it to select the no-fee option. 
  • Link to the registration and payment module


Getting there :

  • Train : the venue is adjacent to the Bern main train station, which makes it convenient for travel by train. Train schedules from anywhere in Europe to Bern can be queried here. Train tickets for travel within Switzerland, or between Switzerland and neighboring countries, can be purchased online at this site.
  • Plane : Bern is directly connected by train to the Zürich (ZRH) and Geneva (GVA) airports, while Basel (BSL) is within 75 minutes by a twice-hourly bus+train connection. Bern also has its own airport (BRN), with flight connections to a few European destinations. The main regular airline serving BRN is Skywork


Getting around :

  • The central part of Bern is compact and easily visited by foot.
  • The urban area is also served by a dense network of bus and tramway lines (system map), whose main hub is at the central train station (Bern Bahnhof) adjacent to the conference venue.
  • If you are a guest at one of the Bern hotels, you will be provided with a free public transportation pass for the duration of your stay.


Accomodations :

  • A number of rooms have been prebooked at various hotels, at preferred rates which vary from 115chf to 308chf for a single.  Click here to get a list of prebooked hotels, with an overview of their rates and deadlines. To book, please contact the hotels directly and refer to the conference. 
  • List of prebooked hotels
  • At any time, online booking remains possible at public (somewhat higher) rates. This page details the current offers at booking.com for a 5-night stay between July 12th and July 17th.
  • As a (generally cheaper) alternative to hotel rooms, accomodation in a private home can be considered. This page details the current offers at airbnb.com for a 5-night stay between July 12th and July 17th.
  • You may also seek to rent a furnished apartment if you have a larger party, and/or want to save on restaurant costs. 

If, to minimize costs, you want to share an accomodation, or mutualize another resource (car ride, child care etc.), you can send a message to pathways2015-share@sciencesconf.org with the details of your request. You will be added to the list and receive all subsequent messages sent to that list -- when you see someone with matching needs, contact that person directly.



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